William Percy Weston :: 1879 - 1967

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Period Three :: 1931-1967 :: Part Two

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Windswept, Albert Head, Victoria
Oil on Panel 16" x 18", 1945

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Period One (1909-1923)
Period Two (1924-1930)
Period Three (1931-1967)
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About This Work...

"Old-fashioned methods have largely disappeared; Victorian-age pallor has been replaced by a healthy glow more consistent with our times and country'There are indications of the ever-increasing desire on this side of the Rockies to interpret life around us in a vital and individual manner." (28)

Pallette, The Vancouver Sun, 1943

Weston was mainly self-taught after he rejected the British style as a means of capturing the essence of his new terrain.(29) But he combined the technique he learned in London with his own methods and philosophy, to bring out the unique nature of the Pacific Northwest coast.

"I was trying to paint Canada and I realized I wasn’t doing it'I had to just break right away and try to paint differently." (30)