William Percy Weston :: 1879 - 1967

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About The Artist

Period 2 :: Designing The Landscape (1924-1930)

While the Group of Seven was active in Eastern Canada, Weston was moving closer towards a style more suited to British Columbia. Ian Thom cites, Landscape, a painting from 1923, as a turning point in his development.

Weston's paintings begin to show a "changing perception of the scale and mood of the landscape" and "closer interest in massive rock forms and sculptural outlines of distant mountains."(16)

By 1928, "Weston had achieved a convincing sense of atmosphere and space."(17) During this period, he used "paint to create a sense of mass... compositions are simplified, detail is reduced and broad solid forms are used."(18)

Two works in this collection were painted in 1930, on the cusp of Weston's third period: Scrub Pines, Howe Sound and Shadows, Grouse Mountain.

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