William Percy Weston :: 1879 - 1967

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Artist Sketches :: Part One

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Sulphur Creek, Bull River
Pastel on Paper 12" x 18"

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Period One (1909-1923)
Period Two (1924-1930)
Period Three (1931-1967)
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Artist Sketches
  » Artist Sketches - Part One
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About This Work...

Weston sketched continuously, and the style of his paintings stemmed from his drawing techniques.

He was a keen outdoorsman, but in 1931 he fell and injured his leg while hiking Grouse Mountain with some of his students. This led to an attack of phlebitis that kept him bedridden for five months.(54) Afterwards, he was more restricted in his outdoor activities. He often sat in his car and used binoculars to draw the mountains.(55)

Weston loved mountain peaks for ‘their wonderful structural forms with the consequent interesting snow patterns... .’"(56) He focused on the peak while he sketched, and gave less attention to other parts of the terrain in his paintings.(57)